The Waterhole

Hours and date:
18/09-2017 at 10:00 PM
The Waterhole Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 49, 1017 PW Amsterdam
Free Entrance
Dasilvian Bruce & The BMG Band
The 25 year old Dasilvian is an ambitious singer/songwriter/and producer from Amsterdam. In the past Dasilvian has participated in Dutch music tv shows like X-factor and Popstars.

Dasilvian has recently released his debut album ' Messiah '. Dasilvian has a very diverse music style and he likes to explore his boundaries. He was inspired by soul, hip hop, pop, jazz and funk. These styles you will hear back in his music. Often with a surprise element here and there. The idea-could be raised, from the debut album of Dasilvian is: "improve the world by the Messiah in you, and express more love to share with the world". Dasilvian is part of the independent label Bruce Music Group.

Dasilvian's goal is to be for others what the artists he admired were for him. People who can touch a soul with music so that they are heard, loved, feel understood and supported. A goal that is not easy to achieve but every soul touched feels like a victory.

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