New Skool Rules

Hours and date:
18/05-2018 at 12:00 PM

New Skool Rules: A three-day international conference, with seminars, exchange programme, concerts, afterparties, a fashion show and speeddatesessions. All these aspects contribute to creating new business opportunities for delegates of New Skool Rules and giving an overview of the New Skool Culture worldwide.

New Skool Rules is a business to business to talent event. In contrary to a lot of music conferences in Europe, New Skool Rules will not only serve the business to business market with panels, speeddatesessions, showcases, concerts and masterclasses, but talent will also be included in this event.  Specific workshops, easy panels and a showcase will be held for new talent.

New Skool Rules unites the past, the present and the future. New Skool Rules takes this industry to the next level worldwide by creating a forum where everyone can increase knowledge and expand their network at the artistic and  business level.

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